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All eligible New Jersey students can attend Rutgers tuition-free for four years through a combination of university, federal and state financial aid programs that make obtaining a college degree from the state university more accessible and affordable.

Daniel Ortega in a lab

Daniel Ortega wanted to become a physician since middle school when his brother ended up in the emergency department, but he kept his dream a secret for years because it seemed out of reach. Seeing the power doctors had to make a difference when his family received a middle of the night phone call became a transformative moment that inspired him to want to join the small number of Hispanic men entering medicine.

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“I’ve witnessed the disparities in Newark and in surrounding areas. It wasn’t fair and it continues not to be fair. I’ve always thought lawyers had super powers and I thought that understanding the law would be important in helping the students of Newark,’’ says Newark native Asia J. Norton, who is a member of the Class of 2023.