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What does Race and Class have to do with Getting a PhD?
By Candace S. King

In the Fall of 2016, Larry Traylor arrived at Rutgers University, New Brunswick as an incoming Political Science and Africana Studies double major. Driven and eager to take on the ambitious course load ahead of him, the…



Rutgers University-New Brunswick is partnering with Cooperman College Scholars, a scholarship program supporting academically talented, highly motivated students from Essex County to achieve a four-year college degree. 

The Rutgers-New Brunswick Cooperman partnership is a collaboration between the Rutgers Office of the Chancellor, the Division of Enrollment Management and the Division of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community…



Safety measures in response to COVID-19 such as social distancing have altered how we create and experience togetherness in our daily lives. While these efforts have sought to preserve the well-being of ourselves and others, it may also feel isolating and disorienting when the realities are uncertain and ever-evolving. 

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 Staying connected to students and cultivating a sense of community are harder at a distance than in a classroom. But those goals are not impossible.

Following are 10 tips, drawn from experts on the ground, to support students at a time of crisis…



The future of our democracy depends not on overcoming our racist past, but on embracing the history of those who struggle for equality, Harvard Kennedy School scholar Khalil Gibran Muhammad told a Rutgers audience Thursday while delivering his James Dickson Carr Lecture at the Busch Student Center in Piscataway.

“We can choose to build a new civic culture that sees our history not as an unfortunate diversion from the…