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Meet the Moment with Humanity

Spring 2024

Tensions are rising from every angle, local, national, and global.

How we as a community respond will make all the difference.

There are many ways to meet this moment, but not all are productive.

We can turn on each other. Or, we can embrace our shared humanity, with its messiness and contradictions.

The latter requires hard and sometimes uncomfortable work to live up to aspirational values like diversity, equity, and inclusion, which are much easier to say in the abstract than amid conflict.

Navigating Tensions, Affirming Community Speaker Series

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Hate is on the rise.

In both expressions (speech) and incidents (violent and vandalism), rising hate is a reality of our national climate. This documentary series focuses on recent alarming incidents of hate and its impact on targeted communities to remind us all that, unchecked, hate kills.

Do not look away.


Reject Hate Documentary Series

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Reject Polarization  

Meet this moment with humanity.