Promoting Deep Understanding

We challenge the Rutgers community to think about diversity in new ways and invite the public to draw on our resources and take part in our conversations on how to advance a more just society.

Becoming Anti-Racist

Commit to taking active steps now to become anti-racist. We have provided a few suggestions below to get you started.

  1. Work independently through the Anti-Racist Resource List and commit to doing the ongoing work needed to facilitate true change.
  2. Create a small/virtual group to work through and grapple with the resources together. Think collectively about how you can have an impact within your sphere of influence (ex: department, unit, grad student culture). 
  3. Set aside 3 hours to review the resources in the "Understand How Race Shapes Experiences in Higher Education," reflect on your organizational position and identify concrete steps you can take to promote a more inclusive academic culture. 

Diversity and Inclusion in Academic Programs

Most academic and administrative units at Rutgers reflect the multinational and multicultural world in which we live. The departments, programs, centers, institutes, and offices listed below are those in which racial, ethnic, national, and gender diversity are reflected most prominently, but the list is by no means exhaustive. 

Academic Departments and Programs

Academic Centers and Institutes

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