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University Equity and Inclusion
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Developing Inclusive Leaders

Building Capacity Cooperatively Across Chancellor-led Units

Inclusive Leadership Matters

​​​The inclusive leadership development opportunities outlined below aim to: 1) promote understanding of how bias and discrimination along visible and invisible identity lines can disrupt recruitment and retention efforts, 2) highlight how issues of institutional culture impact climate and unit culture, and 3) build confidence in the ability of leaders to act in real time when instances of inequity appear.

Courageous Gardening: Equity-Minded Leadership in Higher Education Virtual Learning Community

The Courageous Gardening: Equity-Minded Leadership in Higher Education (Academic Impressions) pilot virtual learning community provides opportunities for leaders from across the university to build the mindset and habits to create the best possible environments where everyone can flourish.

Spring 2024 meetings will run for 60 minutes each on February 7, February 15, March 6, March 19, April 10, and April 18. Participation includes access to the Academic Impressions platform for supplemental capacity building.

Learn how to translate concepts into practices that cultivate inclusive workplaces, such as: 

  • Skillfully challenge harmful and stereotyping behaviors;
  • Grow in comfort with conflict inherent to equity, inclusion, and diversity;
  • Engage in hiring and promotion practices that build and sustain inclusive working teams.
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