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University Equity and Inclusion


As the Director of Undergraduate Biology for a decade, I've revitalized the curriculum, highlighting experiential learning. Initiatives include the Exploring Careers in Biology course, which introduces students to diverse career pathways, and the Principles and Practices of Biological Research course, offering authentic research experiences. Recognizing students' diverse backgrounds and challenges, I've championed the integration of service into academia, fostering civic engagement and social consciousness through various projects and initiatives. Securing significant grant funding, I've developed research programs investigating the biology of complex traits in organisms such as Neurospora and Drosophila melanogaster. My contributions have been recognized with the Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence and for Academic Civic Engagement. Besides my duties as an advisor and lecturer, I've published extensively, and my research has attracted almost $3M in federal grants. My commitment to equitable STEM education extends beyond the classroom, evident in my involvement in the Driving Change Initiative.

Current Work

Our research focuses on the genetic and molecular mechanisms of quantitative traits in fungi, particularly Neurospora crassa. We study the influence of light and the circadian clock on complex fungal behaviors, assessing their ecological and evolutionary implications. Personally, I am committed to advancing equitable STEM education.

Presidential Cluster Focus
Advancing Diversity in the STEM Disciplines