Rutgers University - New Brunswick offers a variety of diversity, equity, and inclusion resources for faculty, staff and students. Whether you need to find support during crisis or incidents of bias; seeking academic resources; looking for scholarship and internship opportunities; or want to learn your way around the campus; we are here to help you. 


Administrative Resources

Explore the departments and units that maintain policies or monitor legal aspects of diversity on campus.

Faculty Mentoring Resources

Learn more about the faculty resources available to you as at Rutgers - New Brunswick that will strengthen our campus community.

Student Mentoring Resources

Learn more about student mentoring resources at Rutgers - New Brunswick to support inclusive mentoring relationships.

Navigating Single-Use Restrooms

Find information and resources for transgender, gender nonconforming and gender questioning students, faculty and staff at Rutgers University.

Disability and Accessibility Resources

Rutgers - New Brunswick embraces disability as a natural part of diversity and seek to build capacity to appreciate and value individual differences, including differences in ability, to create an inclusive community.

Bias and Crisis Support Resources

The University encourages individuals to report bias acts so we can provide support, remedy, or resolution to those who reporting acts of bias.

Lactation Rooms

The Lactation Project, created and operated by Registered Nurses (RN) at Rutgers University – New Brunswick, was designed to provide a private, clean space for Rutgers students, staff and faculty to breast feed/pump breast milk for the purpose of feeding their child(ren)

Policies and Procedures

The Policy Library includes board policies and certain academic, administrative, financial, operational, and business policies.

Explore Rutgers

Experience our campuses and downtown New Brunswick as you follow a personal student guide.