Faculty Recruitment Guide


In this 2015 message to the Rutgers community, President Robert Barchi outlined the university’s strategic goals of enhancing faculty diversity. The memo describes methods and potential sources of funding for this initiative.

University Diversity Profiles

A comprehensive listing of 101 institutions from across the country, including contact information.

A compilation of 15 colleges and universities in the region which have significant Latino student populations.

A list of 48 women’s colleges and universities across the United States, including contact information.

Profile of Doctoral Graduates (2014)

This table provides a national snapshot of recently awarded doctorates.  This information may be helpful to search committees seeking background information on the recruiting context for their searches.

This table provides a detailed look at the sources of financial support for doctorate recipients by field, sex, ethnicity and race. These sources include teaching or research assistantships, fellowships, and grants, employment, or personal resources.

This table gives a broad picture of the pool of doctorate recipients, including citizenship status, sex, marital status, and age.

This table shows the number of doctorates awarded in each state, from California (the highest) to Alaska (the lowest).

From UC Berkeley to Iowa State University, this list lines up the top doctorate-granting institutions.

Policies and Advice

This guide recommends detailed steps and best practices that may be used by search committees, department chairs and deans to enhance the search process.

Created in 2016 by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion–New Brunswick, this step-by-step guide suggests best practices for conducting a faculty search.

This slide presentation was created by ODI in 2016 to establish the mission, context, and aims of faculty searches.

Other University Diversity Search Guides