Task Force on Inclusion and Community Values

The Task Force on Inclusion and Community Values, was established in November 2015 by Dr. Richard L. Edwards, then Chancellor of Rutgers University-New Brunswick and charged with three core objectives:  

  1. To listen to students in order to understand their views on the climate of inclusion and racial discourse at Rutgers University-New Brunswick;  
  2. To define core values that reflect the University’s commitment to creating a safe and inclusive community; and  
  3. To recommend tangible changes that will reflect these aspirational, but achievable, core values.

Through deliberations and conversations with students in focus groups and town hall meetings, the Task Force identified a set of four themes that could serve as the basis for identifying the values that characterize Rutgers-New Brunswick. The Task Force chose to present these core values in pairs as well as verbal statements to further elucidate how the Rutgers-New Brunswick community interacts, and may seek to interact, with its values not only as ideals but also as action-oriented goals.


1. Work towards Inclusion and respect Difference 

2. Provide Opportunity and ensure Access 

3. Value Innovation and promote Leadership 

4. Foster Global Reach and honor Humanity

The Task Force was divided into four subcommittees: 1) Curriculum Reform and Faculty Issues; 2) Defining Core Values; 3) Focus Groups/Planning a Town Hall Meeting; and 4) Training, New Initiatives and Programming. Through extensive engagement of the campus community, the Task Force gathered a wealth of information on how diversity and inclusion can be advanced and promoted at Rutgers. 

The Task Force was composed of students, administrators and faculty who sought to further discussions on inclusion and community values at Rutgers-New Brunswick: 

  • Brianna Battle, Co-Chair, Vice President, Rutgers University Student Assembly and Student, School of Arts and Sciences 

  • Edward Ramsamy, Co-Chair, Associate Professor, Dept. of Africana Studies 

  • Jason Baerg, Student, Mason Gross School of the Arts 

  • Alisa Bondarenko, Student, School of Arts and Sciences 

  • Monet Davis, Student, School of Arts and Sciences 

  • Rowen Kanj, Student, School of Arts and Sciences 

  • Gilana Levavi, Student, School of Arts and Sciences 

  • Julissa Mercado, Student, School of Arts and Sciences and Latino Student Council President 

  • Yasmin Ramadan, Student, School of Arts and Sciences 

  • Austin Yip, Student, Rutgers Business School 

  • Stephen Bronner, Board of Governors Professor of Political Science 

  • Antoinette Farmer, Associate Dean, School of Social Work 

  • M. Wilma Harris, Trustee, Rutgers University Board of Trustees 

  • Ji Lee, Director, Asian American Cultural Center 

  • Yolanda Martínez-San Miguel, Professor, Latino and Caribbean Studies and Comparative Literature 

  • Felicia McGinty, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs 

  • Jorge Schement, Vice Chancellor, Office of Diversity and Inclusion 

  • Ben Sifuentes-Jáuregui, Vice Chancellor, Undergraduate Academic Affairs; and Professor, American Studies and Comparative Literature 

  • James H. Whitney III,  Assistant Vice Chancellor, Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Learn more about the Task Force and its recommendations by reading the full report here.