The Division of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement works to advance diversity and inclusion in recruitment, retention, curriculum, research, and community engagement efforts across Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

We have a core objective to develop strategy and an understanding of our shared responsibility to nurture institutional diversity and build community.

What We Do

  • Partner with other Rutgers offices and departments to create, promote, and implement universitywide policies that advance diversity and inclusion.

  • Support university schools and departments, in order to recruit and retain a diverse faculty.

  • Provide students with resources and learning opportunities including community-based internships that prepare them to engage as contributing members of a diverse society.

  • Foster programming through our centers and institutes.

  • Produce in-depth programming on topics such as cultural stereotypes, gender roles, analysis of media, victimization and power, sexuality, personal responsibility and well being.

  • Promote opportunities for faculty research and teaching that advance understanding of diversity, inclusion, equity, and access.

  • Encourage and provide support for ongoing collaborations with community, state, national, and international stakeholders.

  • Promote art and culture that advances our mission.

  • Communicate the institutional commitment to diversity widely.